Fashion intimidates me, comfort calls to me and simple suits me. I strive to make athleisure an acceptable and even sought after fashion for C-suite business executives. Pushing the limits everyday trying to make simple into sophisticated. B by Boz, well documents my attempt while linking my 9-to-5 job with my 5-to-9 passions.

My learning so far. When in doubt something simply and black always works, strategically shaped blouses create the illusion that your joggers are actually dress pants and jewelry is important detail not to be over looked. I like to think of myself as a jewelry maven. I work as the Chief Marketing Officer and Creative Director for the Forever Companies brands; A collective of three fine jewelry and engagement ring brands devoted to all things man-made – nothing mined.


1215diamonds.com offers lab grown diamonds, which are 100% carbon; both optically and chemically identical to mined diamonds but without the environmental or human cost.

diamondnexus.com offers their patented Nexus Diamond TM Alternative, which is a simulant stone that is virtually identical but chemically different and 80% less than mined diamonds. 

foreverartisans.com is forever companies in-house design studio. They create one of a kind custom made jewelry in Milwaukee,WI.


Overall my personal and professional commitment is to accessible fashion, savvy shopping, and mindful decision making. I like to call it being “trend-right”. I am a firm believer that your personal brand starts with what you choose to live your life in: clothes, jewelry, accessories. This is what you put out there everyday. I love brands that make a commitment to the local and global community and connect their customers to causes and communities that matter their corporate values.