All Emerald All Day


Weighing in at just over 11 carats, this gorgeous lab grown emerald stone needed a setting worthy of its size, deep color and overall mesmerizing nature.

Lab-grown emeralds (and we’re talking color here, not  an emerald cut stone) are chemically equivalent to their mined counterparts. However, they don’t have the environmental concern that come with mining practices,  and they come with cost advantages.  


The deep rich color featured in this stone is what you want in an emerald  stone, typically. The only downside for me is that the emerald color I’m typically drawn too is lighter and a more translucent green - almost imperfect. 


To combat the saturated color of the stone, we decided the ring could not be bezeled. With bezel settings, the stone is wrapped in metal. In this case, it needed light to shine through, so the setting had to be higher to invite light in. 


It was hard to concept any setting that would add aesthetic value to this stone, so instead we concepted ways to make the stone stand alone.  The overall structure was a brain child of a talented designer at Forever Artisans, Kate. The idea was to have the emerald float between two fingers and hide the “ring” as much as possible. She made this happen by creating a two fingered ring and finishing off the design with clear bezel set accent stones. 


Mission accomplished! This ring has been an amazing statement piece that I cannot wear enough.

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 4.51.17 PM.png
Sam Kohnke