Stone Shapes 101


The design of an engagement ring is most influenced by the shape of the main stone. A round solitaire has a completely different character than the same setting with a pear cut stone. The shapes of stones range from traditional to trendy, and trust me, there’s something for everyone! These are some of my favorite stone cuts, based on style.

Round Brilliant \\

As the most popular shape—and what is in my engagement ring—this is a foolproof choice. It looks gorgeous in any setting style, from romantic halos to simple solitaires. My recommendation is to opt for a larger carat weight to make your round cut stone stand out.

OvaL \\

This cut is trendy with celebrities, and perfect for women who want that timelessness and brilliance, but something that’s a little different than what ‘everyone else has.’ It sparkles like the round brilliant cut, but the elongated shape is super flattering and the way it is cut mathematically increases the surface area that you see, so the stone tends to appear larger. (Score!)

Marquise \\

This shape is thought of as trendy and modern, but it has roots hundreds of years in the past. I love that combination of a deep history with the modern take. The long, slender silhouette tends to look best on slimmer fingers when set North-South, but the East-West set Marquise is more universally flattering (and trend-right).

Emerald \\

Glam girls love emerald cuts. Honestly, almost everyone loves emerald cuts! The vintage style has open step-cut facets that reflect light differently than the brilliant cut stones, so it flashes rather than sparkling. Look for a stone that has very high clarity and color grades – the emerald cut will show any flaw more than other cuts. (Hint: That’s why I love working with Nexus Diamonds – they’re all colorless and flawless, so even large emerald cuts look AMAZING.)

Pear \\

The pear cut is enjoying a surge in popularity. This cut is romantic and looks stunning in most designs. The teardrop shape is flattering on almost all hands, and like the oval cut, it tends to look larger than other cuts of the same carat weight. I personally love the pear in a dainty single halo. So pretty!

Want to be one of the first to explore new trends?

Both Trillion and Ascher cut stones are on the rise. I predict both will be hot trend next year. 

Sam Kohnke