A Master Hatter’s Milwaukee Made Hat


Milwaukee is a hidden gem of a city, with an amazing artisan community.  A must-do experience is designing a hat with one of the Master Hatters at The Brass Rooster Hat Company.


Each hat is hand made to your specifications using the best American made goods.  Some of the equipment they use can be dated back to 1893! They are one of the few truly bespoked hat companies in the country and it’s truly special to be working with them in their shop.  


Custom made doesn’t have to mean elite or expensive.  You can walk out of the Brass Rooster with a $50 hat that is beautiful and fantastic. Or you can go for the record and design a hat in the thousands (most tap out in the $600 range).  This particular hat with the hand crafted bow, feather and sized for my head rang in at roughly $160. 



Sam Kohnke