Choosing The Right Engagement Ring For Your Lifestyle


When you start dreaming of your engagement ring, it’s easy to focus on what looks good on Pinterest. While that can be a good place to start refining what you like, it only tells part of the story. 

Love the look of a pave-encrusted delicate band with a four-prong 2.5-carat center stone? Great! But if you work out a lot, or you’re an artist, or you have kids, or work with animals (or just love your own as much as I love my fur-baby, Odin), then such a delicate ring might not be the best choice. It can become easily damaged or stones can fall out, particularly if you are very hands-on in your job or life.

Think about your lifestyle alongside your personal style. 

My engagement ring works for me because it’s very sturdy with a lot of metal. I can wear it to the gym, when playing with Odin, when I’m around my niece—I never worry about it. It’s strong. The shape of my ring also fits with the shape of my fingers and hands. I don’t have the longest, slenderest fingers, so the slight corners of the faux bezel setting provide good structure and visual weight without being too harsh. It’s a good balance for my hand.


But truly, the most important thing to think about is not so much the shape of your hands, but what you do with them. 

Think about your job—do you work with people or animals? Do you sit at a desk most of the day? Do you get hands on and dirty? These kinds of questions will help you narrow down the right style. 

Here are some design recommendations to get you started:

  • If you’re going to wear your ring all the time and never, ever take it off, I recommend something sturdy. Bezel settings or six-prong solitaires with the prongs integrated into the shank are good options. Peg heads and lots of accent stones? Not so much. 

  • If you’re gentle on your hands and/or you plan to remove your ring to protect if from damage during certain situations (like cleaning, gardening, and working out, for example), then you can go for a more detailed or dainty style.

  • Remember you can always add stacks of bands! You can wear something simpler to work and spice it up with more bands on the weekends. 

Sam Kohnke